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Host a Fabulous but Budget Friendly Friendsgiving Celebration

As the holiday season approaches, we may find it hard to spend time with our friends due to family obligations. So each year, we host a Friendsgiving celebration before the madness of the holiday's kick-in.

Here are some decor ideas and recipes to create a stress-free and fun celebration for you and your friends.

The links in this post contain affiliate links, and I will receive a small commission if you purchase after clicking on my link.

1. Plan Ahead

You don't want to have your celebration the week of Thanksgiving so give your self at least a two-week buffer before Thanksgiving Day. Head over to to create the perfect invitation for your party!

(invitation created by Two Divas and a Party)

2. Choose your theme

My favorite is Potluck because it saves the host time and money and it allows for a more diverse menu. Try to tie in a welcome drink for guests when they arrive and keep your bar simple with wine, beer and vodka, gin and rum with mixers.

(photo credit Delish)

Harvest Punch

3 Apples

2 Oranges

1/2 Gallon Apple Cider

2 can Ginger Beer

1 bottle Prosecco

1 cup Vodka

8 cinnamon sticks

1 cinnamon sugar for rimming the glass

In a large container, pour iin apple cider, Prosecco, vodka, and ginger beer. Add apples, oranges and cinnamon sticks.

Use a slice of orange to wet the rim of the glass and dip in cinnamon sugar to coat.

NOTE: I would add the ice to the glass and not the container to keep from diluting the punch.

Recipe credit Delish

Friendgiving Menu
Download PDF • 301KB

My Spotlight recipe is a family favorite Individual Turkey Pot Pies

This recipe is quick and easy to make and will incorporate turkey into the menu without cooking a whole Turkey weeks before Thanksgiving!

3. Create your Tablescape

Creating a pretty tablescape on a budget is easy and fun. Head over to your neighborhood Dollar Tree and check out their fall collection of paper or porcelain dishes.

Game Play! After the food and drinks it's time for a little game play. Here are three of our favorites for hours of fun!


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