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Candle Warmer Lamp for Top-Down Candle Melting, Vintage Aromatherapy Wax Meltin

Candle Warmer Lamp for Top-Down Candle Melting, Vintage Aromatherapy Wax Meltin

SKU: B09D3DP3DZe4t6gfdsdef

About this item

  • Exquisite appearance and easy to use-High-textured and Thick glass crystal lampshade is heat-resistant and non fragile. The frame is made of high-quality metal. It adopts anti-oxidation, double-layer electroplating or paint baking technology. It will not rust and fade after long-term use. It is matched with high-quality wooden base, with exquisite and fashionable shape.Can be used only after connecting the power.
  • Functional&safety-The theory of the lamp is using the bulb to heat and accelerate the uniform heating and melting of the candle surface, and the temperature control button can be adjusted to control the fragrance concentration; No open fire, smokeless, more stable fragrance expansion, purer fragrance dispersion, safer use, and avoid accidental injury to pets or infants.
  • Konb to adjust temperature and brightness-It is both a tool and a decoration. As an aromatherapy lamp, it can also be used as a night lamp. The light intensity can be adjusted and the timing switch provides 3 timing duration options(2H/4H/8H) to accompany you to sleep in a quiet night.
  • Energy saving &environmental-As a new household product, it respects the concept of environmental protection, does not light candles to reduce carbon monoxide emissions, uses it more thoroughly, avoids the situation that the memory circle and the bottom of the candle can not be burned out, and reduces waste.
  • Stylish home decor-A fashionable household i3tem can be placed in the living room, bedroom, courtyard and aisle to add warmth and happiness to a corner of the family. It can also be used as a romantic gift.
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